Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little Black Bag Free $65 Jules Smith Necklace plus $15 off coupon

Little Black Bag has an awesome promo while supplies last. Get 1 of 6 free Jules Smith Necklace worth $64 with any VIP order. Also if you sign up for recyclebank and earn 150 points you get a $15 coupon for Little Black Bag. Recyclebank is a fun website on green living and has some great coupons. Earning points is quick and easy. With my $15 off at Little Black Bag for $5.95 total I got 4 items!!! I got Clariol conditioner ,hair ties, nail designs, and the $65 necklace. This is a great deal to try. Sign up for recyclebank here and get your points and coupon and don't forget to sign up first at  Little Black Bag Here to get your necklace!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Julep Nail and Make-Up Subscription Box Review and Free Box Offer

Julep is offering your first box free! Just pay $3.99 shipping. I thought it would be neat to try it out. They are a nail polish subscription box. I choose the make up profile though since I am more of a make up person.You can play around with the subscription choices and choose either all nail polish,some nail polish some make up or the make up profile. You can also change it around monthly which is nice!

This is the first look at my free box. I got two items in my box. This was a great deal for $3.99 shipped. The value was really great.
The first item was sea salt texture spray. This has a retail value of $22. This is a great hair product and I have already used a ton of it!I liked that it came int he box since it is an item I probably wouldn't have discovered on my own.
The second item was hand cream. This has a retail value of $20. This cream really made my hands feel soft and I highly recommend it.
Overall I felt this box was worth it! Plus I only paid $3.99 since it was an intro box. I also like how you can skip months and change your profile online and I love the easy subscription access the website offers.
 Sign up here to try your box for $3.99

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Graze subscription box & Free code

Graze is a monthly snack subscription box. It sends four small snack sized items. It costs $5 a month and I think it is well worth it! I love that the snacks are something different and also healthy. I have four invites to graze that will give you a free box just send me a message on the contact me form and I can give the first four a code.
These are pictures from my first two boxes. As you can see they send a great assortment of healthy and yummy snacks. My favorite is the toffee apple and the  Korean chili rice crackers. I look forward to my box that should be coming in the next week! I also like how easy the website is to manage your account. You can space out shipments,skip shipments,or cancel right online through your account so I always enjoy having control over my subscriptions.Send me a message if you would like to try a free box and I can give you a code!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Honest Company Trial

I signed up for each of the Honest Company Free Trials for their bundles. They sell eco friendly stuff for your home and baby. I was interested to try them out. They offer three bundles. Here is the trial packs for all three.

 They offer a vitamin wellness bundle. Since I am pregnant I was happy to try out the prenatal vitamins. I liked how they included DHA/Omega-3 vitamins as well.These are very important nutrients to get when pregnant. I did not like that the prenatals are a three daily form. I currently take a one a day prenatal which I find a lot easier.

They also have a diaper bundle which includes wipes as well. I love that their diapers have such cute designs on them. My favorite is the skull print. I think they look so cute on my son.You get six bags of diapers and four packs of wipes for the bundle.
They also have a household goods bundle. The trail pack sends 5 which include organic healing balm, hand soap,face and body lotion,laundry detergent,shampoo and body wash.  This is a great little pack and I liked that they were deluxe sample sizes.
With my link you can try the sample bundles like I did and just pay shipping or you can place an order and get $10 off your first purchase. You can also buy items without subscribing to a bundle which is what I am currently doing.

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi Laundry Detergent Review

I was given a chance as a Purex Insider to test out the Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi. I am already a Purex fan since they are very reasonably priced. I am a mom of four with one on the way so I am always looking for cost effective savings. The ultra packs are so easy to use since they come in a easy to use simple pack you just drop into the wash. This saves time and no measuring or spilling any detergent. The packs also contain oxi stain fighting power with Zout. These packs can get even those tough stains out. I tested this since I have all boys and they are MESSY! Plus my husband is a mechanic so between young messy boys and mechanic stains laundry can become quite the task for me. The new Purex pods did the job though and lived up to it's name. All the grease,oil and food stains came out. These pods even worked on my whites and got the stains out without having to add bleach which is something I try to avoid using. I was so amazed at the results of my clothes after coming out of the wash. I would recommend trying these out since they are very reasonably priced and they work so well. Trade out your usual detergent for a pack of these and test it out for yourself! Look for them at your local retail store. Purex is hosting a sweepstakes to win $50 and you can enter it here:

*I received Purex UltraPacks to try out and review. All views are my own and I was not paid for this review.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Nature Box Snack Subscription Review

Nature Box is a monthly snack subscription that sends some yummy treats your way. The cost is $20 a month. You can get your first box for just $10 with code snack healthy. The box comes with 5 yummy and healthy snacks.

 The sweet blueberry almonds were really interesting. They were very flavorful and different from anything I have had before.
The teriyaki twist's were a huge hit. I thought they were so good and my husband really enjoyed them as well. I bring them to work as a great pick me up afternoon snack.

The cocoa waffle wafers were nice because they were not too sweet. My kids enjoyed them as a treat and I liked they are healthy.
The cherry berry bonanza was pretty good. It was a nice afternoon snack. It is a good add on to cereal as well.
These were really tasty too. I couldn't figure out how of the santa fe corn stix and the teriyaki twists which one was better. They were my favorite two snacks.
Overall I enjoyed this box and the snacks were yummy and I liked how they were different than something I would pick up at the grocery store.They also have an option to pick your own snacks as well. The customer service is excellent too!  It is worth it to try a box at $10.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Kiwi Crate Review

Kiwi Crate is a fun kid's subscription box that sends crafts for your kids to do. I love that they send quality craft items and send you everything you need for the project. There is no need to run around looking for items. My kids had a blast doing the projects.  The box came with two projects to do. The boxes are $25 a month. They also have an option to add siblings to the box so you can get extra items so more than one child can make one. Here are some pictures of the kit. If you sign up with my link you will get $10 off your first box.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Citrus Lane August 2013 36 Month Boy

I loved my August Citrus Lane box! It was once again a great value. The box was worth way over $25. I was very happy with this box.  My son really loved what came in it. This box is $25 a month but if you use my referral link you can save half off with code TAKEHALF
This is the first look at my August Box. The box included six quality items.
My first item was a FabKid's voucher. This is worth $40. It is good for a free 3 piece outfit on the FabKid's website. I did have to pay $4.95 shipping for the outfit but I still thought it was a fantastic deal. I will post a review of the outfit soon! I was able to get a three piece boys outfit or jeans and two tops.
The second item was a cute travel puzzle from Barefoot Books that came with four puzzles. My son loves carrying this around.  I love the pieces are large and easy for clean up. The puzzles are simple and great for starter puzzles.The retail value is $11.69.
The third item was clean well wipes.These are all natural and you can use them on hands or toys or anything else you want to clean!I love that there are no icky ingredients and the smell is great! They are alcohol free so great for sensitive skin.The retail value is $4.99.
The fourth item was ouchies band aid's. These are fun Eric Carle prints and it makes my son feel better when he gets a boo boo. The retail value is $4.99
The fifth item was a coloring art activity book.The retail value is $3.99. This comes with markers too which is great for on the go.
The sixth item was a package of cheddar Bunnies. I love the Annies brand so I was pleased to see this.My husband got to this snack first! The retail value is $.99

Over all this box was a great value and my son and I loved everything.  The retail value of the box was over $50 so it was a great deal!. If you want to try out citrus lane you will get $10 off with my link here.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bark Box Monthly Pet Subscription Box

Bark Box is a monthly subscription box that sends great stuff for your dog. I was so excited to get my first Bark Box this month. I recently got a new dog so it was neat to get a cute box for her! This box is really fun and you can choose a box for a small, medium or large dog, I choose the medium dog.
The first item was a dolphin water toy that floats in the water. My dog loves it and has been playing with it all day.This is also a great beach toy. The quality is really excellent as well and I can tell this will last long. I also like there is no stuffing so if the dog does get to rip it apart I don't have a huge mess on my hands.
The second item was natural duck strips dog treats.My dog LOVES these. I love that they are made in the USA. This is a full sized bag.

The third item is a flavor enhancer to sprinkle on top of dog food. I love that this is made with free range grass feed beef. They are made by Barkworthy. This is a full size as well.
The fourth item is a cool treat called ice pops. I haven't used this yet. This item is actually both for cats and dogs.
The fifth item is freeze dried liver munchies.. My dog also loved these! I also love these are made in the USA.
This box came with five quality items that are practical and I will use. The value is amazing.Check out my subscription box tab for the latest coupon code from BarkBox.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beauty Box 5 August 2013

I got my first Beauty Box 5 yesterday I am posting pics now and I have to look up the values of the products since I am unfamiliar with most of them. The box is $12 a month if you do a month to month subscription. If you subscribe for longer you can get it as low as $10 a box which is a great deal. 
The box comes with 5 items and they are all sample sized. I liked the nail polish and nail file the best.I  tried the eye shadow and it is great! I love how they send out sample sized items that are a variety that give me the option to see things I wouldn't otherwise notice.
Sign up for Beauty Box 5! Get top beauty brands delivered to your door every month with Beauty Box 5. Click Here!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Love With Food Subscrption Box plus Free Box Code PLUS BONUS $15 GIFTCARD


My Love with food Box came today and it was my first one. I was very excited to get it and try it out. The theme this month was Backyard BBQ. I thought this was a neat theme for August. Right now the boxes are Free with code: YUMMY all you have to pay is $2 shipping so catch this good deal while you can. This is a subscription box so it will renew every month unless you cancel. Here is my referral link Love With Food and make sure to enter YUMMY to get your box for $2. I received eight food items and two great coupons in my box for this month. This is an overall picture of my box.

The first item is Bops Seat Salt Potato chips. These are organic, glueton free, and gmo free. I love organic and gmo free food so these are right up my alley. The taste is way better than regular potato chips.

The second item is save the world mints. My husband is excited about these since they come n a neat container and he loves mints. I like that the company plants trees for every tray of mints sold. I am a huge fan of environmental conservation so this company is a winner in my eyes.

The third item is Rip Van Wafels caramel filled wafel. I haven't tried this yet so I don't know what to expect but I love caramel so I am excited to try it.

The fourth item is Sahale snack crunchers in the flavor of cranberries,sesame seeds and honey. My husband loves sesame seeds so he will be trying these.

The fifth item is Aunt Sally's creamy praline. This was really tasty and a great little after dinner treat,

The sixth item is El Pinto salsa. I am pretty loyal to my newman's own pineapple salsa but I am willing to try this out!

The seventh item is snapea crisps. This is in a 100 calorie pack which I love. I'm really looking forward to trying these out.

The eighth item is Dizzy Dust BBQ seasoning. My husband will use this for one of his recipes. This was my least favorite item.

Also included was two coupons one is a bogo for the snapeas so thats a huge plus the other is $2 of 2 of the salsa.
I paid $2 for this box with promo code Yummy You can also get a box to try out with the code and my link Love With Food It's worth a try for that price and you will get some great snacks!

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