Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Get Paid for Trying out Phone Apps

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Look for an update on the blog with a new tab for earning money with your phone!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Suja Original Fresh Start Program on Sale $99 Shipped

I love the three day fresh start program and have already done it twice this year! It really helps me refresh my health and eating habits. They are shipped in ice packs so you don't need to worry about the juice staying cold. The three day cleanse is usually $144 plus shipping so this is a great deal!. I always take advantage of the $99 deals when they occur!  Click below to order.
Juice Program, Original Fresh Start Program - Suja Juice

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day Homemade Sweethearts

Happy Valentines Day! I received my Valentines Day gift from my husband today and was blown away by the creativity and thoughtfulness of his gift. I have zero creativity in my bones so I am always amazed by his homemade gifts. This year he made me homemade wood sweethearts. Sweethearts are his favorite candy so that is where he got his inspiration. I wanted to share my gift and how he made them since it was just to cute and think it is such a great idea!
 He was able to get all the materials at Michaels and I am sure any craft store will carry the wooden hearts. He then painted the hearts and after they dried used an oil based sharpie to write on them. He tried to use some of the similar messages that are on actual sweetheart candies. The great part is you can customize the hearts! He then bought a tin and used a stencil set to write sweetheart,using a sharpie brush pen. The tin has a handle and the hearts fit perfect inside.
Love this idea and just wanted to share! Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!