Monday, July 2, 2018

Cozcore Touch Me by Mirang Unboxing and First Thoughts

I was able to purchase a Cozcore Touch Me by Mirang for the trial price of $3.99 from 08L. If your not a member of 08L I highly suggest signing up (It's Free) I will also post more about them in an upcoming blog post.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Morning Skincare Routine For Hot & Humid Summer

I love summer and the beautiful weather and spending long days at the beach. The sun stays bright longer and the fresh air/vitamin d combo is such an amazing boost for my mood. One pitfall is how the hot  and humid weather is not so good for makeup  and can cause a need for change in your skincare routine. In the summer I keep the make up light. I usually stick to simple eye shadow and mascara. I use lip color to really express myself for summertime since I do not like to wear heavy face or eye makeup. To me, during summertime, less is more and keep it simple are great motto's for skincare and makeup.
Here are some of my favorite summer skincare items I have been using

Thursday, June 21, 2018

XO Peachy Box June Subscription Final Box

XO Peachy Box is a lifestyle and beauty subscription box that ships monthly. The monthly price is $34.99 with free shipping. The theme for June was Wanderlust. This is actually the last XO Peachy Box. They informed subscribers this month they are no longer offering a subscription box. I am so sad to see this box go since it has become my favorite subscription box. i had actually prepaid for a six month subscription and I was very pleased to receive a prompt refund for future boxes. I am hopeful they may come back in the future!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Moon Rituals for Beginners

The past year I really started to pay more attention to the moon cycle. There is just something so mystical about the moon. I love New Years because to me it is a time for reflection and renewal. I always reflect back onto the previous year and see what I accomplished and see what really sucked!! I always try to be mindful and open to positive change for the New Year. This is so true of many people but unfortunately it can fade away as the days pass on. I think one of the wonderful aspects of becoming aware and in tune with the moon cycle is that every New Moon can be similar to the feeling of wanting and accepting positive change every New Years. The great thing is that the moon cycle is that it happens many times over the course of the year so there are so many opportunities available. I like to take the time out to create small rituals for every New Moon so that I can welcome the New Moon and feel really good about it. Plus the rituals keep me motivated and are fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

FabFitFun Summer 2018 Lifestyle and Beauty Box Review

I posted last month about the FabFitFun Swagbucks deal and now my box has arrived! After the coupon code and the Swagbucks earned I paid $25. The box usually costs $49.99. This was such an outstanding value.The FabFitFun box included eight full sized items plus a bonus eco straw. Also make sure to sign up for the emails to be alerted about hot deals like this!
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