Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bark Box Review of Monthly Pet Subscription Box

Bark Box is a monthly subscription box that sends great stuff for your dog. I was so excited to get my first Bark Box this month. I recently got a new dog so it was neat to get a cute box for her! This box is really fun and you can choose a box for a small, medium or large dog, I choose the medium dog.
The first item was a dolphin water toy that floats in the water. My dog loves it and has been playing with it all day.This is also a great beach toy. The quality is really excellent as well and I can tell this will last long. I also like there is no stuffing so if the dog does get to rip it apart I don't have a huge mess on my hands.
The second item was natural duck strips dog treats.My dog LOVES these. I love that they are made in the USA. This is a full sized bag.

The third item is a flavor enhancer to sprinkle on top of dog food. I love that this is made with free range grass feed beef. They are made by Barkworthy. This is a full size as well.
The fourth item is a cool treat called ice pops. I haven't used this yet. This item is actually both for cats and dogs.
The fifth item is freeze dried liver munchies.. My dog also loved these! I also love these are made in the USA.
This box came with five quality items that are practical and I will use. The value is amazing.Check out my subscription box tab for the latest coupon code from BarkBox.