Friday, September 27, 2013

Nature Box Snack Subscription Review

Nature Box is a monthly snack subscription that sends some yummy treats your way. The cost is $20 a month. You can get your first box for just $10 with code snack healthy. The box comes with 5 yummy and healthy snacks.

 The sweet blueberry almonds were really interesting. They were very flavorful and different from anything I have had before.
The teriyaki twist's were a huge hit. I thought they were so good and my husband really enjoyed them as well. I bring them to work as a great pick me up afternoon snack.

The cocoa waffle wafers were nice because they were not too sweet. My kids enjoyed them as a treat and I liked they are healthy.
The cherry berry bonanza was pretty good. It was a nice afternoon snack. It is a good add on to cereal as well.
These were really tasty too. I couldn't figure out how of the santa fe corn stix and the teriyaki twists which one was better. They were my favorite two snacks.
Overall I enjoyed this box and the snacks were yummy and I liked how they were different than something I would pick up at the grocery store.They also have an option to pick your own snacks as well. The customer service is excellent too!  It is worth it to try a box at $10.

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