Monday, March 17, 2014

Soxxy Air Compression Socks and Charity Campaign

Through Brand Backer I was able to join the Soxxy Air Compression Socks campaign. I use compression socks so I thought this was a great product to try out.I started using compression socks when I was pregnant because they offered great support for pregnancy on top of working in a retail environment on my feet all day. I soon realized what a great benefit compressions socks offered and still wear them. I love that the Soxxy Air brand is also supporting charity by donating a portion of proceeds from each purchase. There are five sock styles and each will support a specific charity. So you can choose which sock to purchase by either style or which charity you would like to support. They make compression socks both fun and stylish which is a great improvement from what is usually such a bland item I just love the soxxy designs. The socks will be available at the end of April. They are offering a reader discount of 20% with code: SoxxyAirs
You can visit the site here to order
You can also check out a special video from the founder here
I look forward to receiving my sample sock from the brand and will post my review when I receive them. I just love when brands reach out and love to help charities and support good causes.

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources