Friday, April 11, 2014

Vollie Austin Toffee Review and Giveaway

I was thrilled when I got a chance to sample out a new Toffee company. I love toffee and so does my whole family so this was a real treat! I especially love small brands and supporting local business. They also cook using fresh and local ingredients so that is a bonus as well knowing they support local establishments. The toffee is made in small batches right at the company location in Oregon. They currently offer four flavors: No Nut Vanilla Bean, Coffee Almond, Oregon Hazelnut, and Original Recipe. They have just opened up an online store to expand their reach to online orders. This way everyone can enjoy the goodies they make. Check out their website:
This would made an excellent mother's or father's day present!

I choose the coffee almond toffee to sample. I wanted to try all the flavors since they sounds so yummy but I decided coffee almond would be my sample flavor. Well let me tell you this flavor did not let me down. The toffee was amazing. I seriously could not put it down. You could taste the freshness and it was delicious.

As you can see in my picture the freshness and detail is there. You could taste the almonds and coffee flavor so well. The chocolate cover is such a delicious added touch. I can not wait to order some more myself and try out the other flavors since I know they will be just as delicious.
As you can see from the nutriton label they only use quality ingredients that are made in small batches.It really doesn't get much better than this! Vollie Austin was so nice and allowed me to run a giveaway for my wonderful readers to try out a can of their toffee. You can pick your own flavor:No Nut Vanilla Bean, Coffee Almond, Oregon Hazelnut,or Original Recipe. Just enter the giveaway below. If you win you will be contacted to get your information and flavor:)


I received a sample in exchange for an honest review. all opinions are my own.