Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blue Diamond Almond Honey Flavors

Blue Diamond sent me another wonderful flavor of almonds to tryout. This time the flavors were honey inspired. This was such a treat considering my family is big on honey. We use honey daily and consider it a very important and vital aspect to our health. The two flavors we tried out were honey roasted vanilla and honey roasted chipotle. Blue Diamond is raising awareness through their BEECause We Care campaign. They are donating to Honey Bee research. This is a big issue that I also like to spread awareness about since the honey bee population has been significantly reduced over the past couple of years. When a brand takes a stand on environmental issues I have a huge amount of respect for that brand. Here is a link to the Blue Diamond page discussing the BEECause We Care campaign. It is worth a read and has some really great information about honey bees and why they are so vital to the environment.  The flavors were delicious.
I served up the new flavors with an afternoon snack for the kids and husband. They were a great addition to a healthy and filling treat.  The kids loved them as they are huge fans of nuts. We discussed the importance of bees to while everyone enjoyed the snack. Check out the new flavors and make sure to spread awareness for the importance of honeybees.

Blue Diamond provided to samples of almonds to try in return for a blog post. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.