Monday, July 17, 2017

Fun Email...yes there is such a thing,plus update on new must have app page.

I wanted to share a couple of fun new email subscriptions I stumbled upon recently.

Highbrow - offers different short courses you can sign up for. You sign up for a course via email and everyday they send an email with the daily lesson plan for the course. I did one on improving sleep and it was a 14 day course I believe. It was fun and informative. I looked forward to my daily email and fun little course. They offer free courses as well as premium courses for a fee.

The Skimm - a fun bite sized weekday news email. Monday-Friday they will send a email with the latest news. It is nonpartisan and takes a few minutes to read. Its a great way to catch up early in the morning and be up to date on the latest!

Blog Update:
I am working on a new page on the blog for apps that can earn you money. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure to follow the blog to receive updates. Here is a link to Must Have Apps page
Thanks for reading.

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