Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekly Drugstore Makeup Freebies & Cheap Makeup

I am going to start doing round ups of cheap and free drugstore makeup. I will also update the post during the week as I find deals! Please feel free to add comments or suggestions for what you would like to see weekly or feel free to ask questions. *this post contains referral links

Week- 8/27/2017

Saturday, August 19, 2017

How to get started Reviewing Products for free online

A big question I get asked often is, "How do I get free stuff to review?" I started doing product reviews a little over 10 years ago. I was pregnant with my first and my hubby was deployed so i had a lot of free time and it helped pass the time while I waited for my hubby to get online! Now with Instagram and social media so popular people post their freebies and product reviews all over the place and it is amazing what people get. The thing to remember is that it takes time to build up social media following as well as a reliable reviewer status with companies.
1. Best advice is to sign up with reputable companies. Be careful as now there are many scams and fake review sites. Make sure the websites you sign up for how a verified following and check social media for reviews and comments.
2. Also start small. Take the campaigns that may not be fun and glamorous. It helps companies a lot when you do campaigns successfully and they will keep track of your review status and the more you do the more that will get offered.
3.Always make sure to complete tasks. A few companies will let you slide if you miss a couple activities but many will also drop you or stop offering campaigns if you do complete all the requirements of the campaigns.
I have a page dedicated to companies I have worked with to do product reviews here. Also I would like to highlight some of the best companies I have worked with to do reviews with. I posted the best and easiest companies to get started with as well as a get started guide for each company.

Pinch Me 
Pinchme is very easy to get started with. Simply sign up and verify your phone number. They will then ask you to fill out your profile. They use your profile data to compile samples that will be relevant to you. You have to confirm selection of samples which are generally released on Tuesdays at noon. After you receive your samples ou must complete a short review and questionnaire. You must complete in time to continue to receive samples and stay in good standing. I have also received full products from time to time with Pinchme so always check your email for special surveys.

Smiley360 is a product reviewing and social sharing website. Anyone can sign up with them. After signing up make sure to connect social  media accounts and complete your profile to 100%. Your first mission is a social sharing mission. This is a beginning mission where you learn to utilize the sharing functions and get you ready to start missions. Complete this mission promptly as it will show smiley360 our serious and they will start to offer you product review missions. Check your dashboard regularly since they will send a survey first to see if you quality for an offered mission. When you get approved for a mission make sure to complete the mission to earn enough points for your mission badge. This will keep your account in good standing. 

Bzz Agent 
BzzAgent is another product reviewing and social sharing website. This is similar to smiley360. Anyone can sign up and you complete a profile and link social media accounts. With BzzAgent it is best to check your dashboard often as they will put surveys up which they use to match people to campaigns. Always make sure to complete the surveys on your dashboard. When you get accepted to a campaign you must complete the campaign tasks. The more tasks you complete with quality content the higher your BzzScore will be which will increase your chances of campaigns. Also at the end of the campaigns you will has a final survey and make sure you complete it as it is part of the campaign requirements.

Influenster is a great community based product review website. Anyone can sign up. Once signed up make sure to connect all your social media accounts. Influenster will send you surveys which will see if your a match for their campaign. If selected they will send you a voxbox. This is a box filled with goodies for your campaign. 
Click here for an example of a voxbox I have received from influenster. 
Make sure when you get your voxbox you check it in and do all the requirments to earn your badge for that campaign. Also it is imperative you complete the final survey emailed to you after the campaign is complete. This will keep you in good standing so you can continue to receive voxboxes.

The websites above are the best to get your foot in the door and try out and see if you enjoy doing product reviews also follow my survey & product testing website list and my blog to keep up to date with the best product review opportunities. Also feel free to leave other companies that you have worked with in the comments to help others learn about them. Also if you have any questions feel free to use the contact me link and I will get back to you.