Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New Moon Rituals for Beginners

The past year I really started to pay more attention to the moon cycle. There is just something so mystical about the moon. I love New Years because to me it is a time for reflection and renewal. I always reflect back onto the previous year and see what I accomplished and see what really sucked!! I always try to be mindful and open to positive change for the New Year. This is so true of many people but unfortunately it can fade away as the days pass on. I think one of the wonderful aspects of becoming aware and in tune with the moon cycle is that every New Moon can be similar to the feeling of wanting and accepting positive change every New Years. The great thing is that the moon cycle is that it happens many times over the course of the year so there are so many opportunities available. I like to take the time out to create small rituals for every New Moon so that I can welcome the New Moon and feel really good about it. Plus the rituals keep me motivated and are fun!

Simple Ways to welcome in the New Moon:

*Smudging- This is a great way to enter in a new moon. This can be done by Palo Santo wood or a smudging stick. This will help clear negative energy and allow for positive changes to occur.

*Crystals- I love to surround myself with crystals all the time specially though when I am reflecting,mediating or practicing yoga,

*Essential Oils- Aromatherapy works wonders for me, You can diffuse oils or apply them topically(best with a carrier oil in a roller ball)

*Tea- You can even make your own loose leaf blends to customize your mood and goals.

*Moon Deck- I received a moon deck in a Subscription Box a while back and I love them. They include cards for all moon cycles and really help with reflection and planning rituals for the moon cycle.

*Bath Ritual- create a special bath blend with Epson salt and fresh herbs.flowers.  This will also have an added bonus of magnesium from the Epson salt.

*Candles- Find some candles that appeal to your senses and use them while mediating. I have a current obsession with crystal and herbal/floral topped candles!

So for me an example of something I do is take a bath with special bath salts mixed with herbs. This helps me focus and relax. I apply essential oils after with a diluted roller ball.  After I would use a smudging stick around the house.  I usually take a break after that. Then I usually journal and focus on reflection from my moon deck. I light candles and surround my self with crystals while doing this as well. This is also a great time to sip on some herbal tea as well. As you can see everyone can fine tune how they want to welcome the moon. It is really such a wonderful way to take time out for yourself and really tune into yourself.

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