Monday, July 2, 2018

Cozcore Touch Me by Mirang Unboxing and First Thoughts

I was able to purchase a Cozcore Touch Me by Mirang for the trial price of $3.99 from 08L. If your not a member of 08L I highly suggest signing up (It's Free) I will also post more about them in an upcoming blog post.

Cozcore Touch Me by Mirang

*The Cozcore Touch Me retails for the price of $78.

*It is available on Amazon if interested:

The Cozcore Touch Me is a Multi-Function skincare device. The three functions are:
-660nM Red LED

Some of the claims of the device are as follows:
*Helps with better absorption of skincare and cosmetics from galvanic electrotherapy
*Anti-aging benefits
*Helps improve blood circulation through micro vibration
*Red LED light therapy

Highlights of the Device:
*Compact design
*Can replace batteries 
*Safe & Skin friendly thanks to titanium coating.

Directions for usage:
face and apply you skincare products before use. The Cozcore Touch Me
will help the products absorb better into your skin. Once the Touch Me
is applied to the face it will turn on automatically.  The red light
will activate and you will see and hear the vibration. It is best to
massage into round circles and from chin to top temples.
Dry Skin-Use daily up to 5 minutes
Oily Skin-2-3 times weekly up to 5 minutes

My First Thoughts:
High end beauty devices always intrigue me on whether or not
they are effective of not. Also I am always interested in anything that
will help circulation as well as provide anti-aging benefits.The device
arrives nicely packages with full directions and a FAQ. It is very
simple to use too. I have been using it at night in my skincare routine.
It definitely helps to have your skincare products on your face because
it is easier to glide the device across your skin that way. It is also
designed to actually help the skincare products absorb. I would say that
my usage time is between 2-3 minutes right now. I am slowly working my
way up to 5 which is the maximum recommended. I would say suggest to
start slow to make sure you don't have any reactions and to get used to
it. I do think it helps a lot with the absorption of my skincare
products.  I also believe it is helping circulation as well. My face
looks brighter and healthier after I use it. I would like to finish a
full month of use to be able to report full results so I will update
once I have achieved that time. As of now I will say it is fun to use
and I am enjoying the benefits I have seen so far.

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