Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Foreo Luna fofo FabFitfun Summer Box Review

I have finally got around to start using my Foreo Luna fofo from my Fabfitfun box. This new Foreo device actually made it debut in the FFF Summer box and was what pushed me to subscribe to the box. Considering the amazing deal I received on the box I also really wanted to finally try out a Foreo product. I was supposed to receive one in a Allure Beauty Box awhile back but I missed the cut off so didn't end up getting one. 

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Foreo Luna fofo $89
*Bluetooth & Compatible with Foreo App
*Skin Sensors Analyze Skin Moisture & Age
*Replaceable Batteries

As I mentioned this is my first Foreo product so I can't compare how it is in relation to other Foreo products. First to properly use the device an app must be downloaded. I was very shocked when I went to the app store to download and saw a 2 star app rating 😱 Normally if I see that I don't bother with the app but in this case the app is necessary.  Now that I am using the device and app I am kind of surprised at the rating because while it could use some work I do not think it is an awful 2 star rating worthy. I would rate it a low 4. It was pretty simple to pair the device with the app via bluetooth. After the initial pairing you answer a few questions in relation to age,skin type,amount of water consumed daily and a couple other questions.This helps with creating the routine and calculating your skin age. The device has sensors on the back to analyze your skin as well.

My skin age came up older than my actual age the first time I used it. I felt like this was a good push to really crack down on following my morning and night time routine. I was happy that after a couple weeks my age went down! The thing is I think it probably fluctuates depending on the current conditions of your skin which in my case change rapidly. I still like the analyzer and think it is fun to check monthly. (Picture is of my first analysis)

The device is made with silicone that is quick dryer and nonporous which helps keep bacteria from building up. It also provides 8,000 pulses per minute to provide a deep cleaning. It also alerts you when it is time to switch to a different area on your face. I would definitely say that I can see a difference in my face from using the fofo compared to washing alone. Another key factor is to make sure you use it with a gentle cleanser and not to use with an exfoliating cleanser.  Overall I am very grateful that I was able to grab the FabFitFun Summer Box and try one of the Foreo Luna fofo at an amazing price. The retail price is $89 which I am not sure I would pay that much for this. Below is my most recent analysis to show the changes.

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