Saturday, July 21, 2018

Naturisimo Sensitive Soul Discovery Box

I have been trying to work through my stash of products and not buy any sample sized or subscribe to any beauty boxes but made an exception and purchased the Naturisimo Sensitive Soul Discovery Box. Naturisimo is an UK based company. They believe in offering clean beauty and well being. I am really trying to switch my beauty,skincare and household product use to more natural products. As you can see this box really grabbed my attention because of the amazing natural products available in it. The box was $17.95 but after conversion rate I paid around $22 with free shipping.
Naturisimo Sensitive Soul Discovery Box

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                                                Green People Damask Rose Facial Oil

-Cruelty Free
-99.7 % Organic
This smells amazing and I have been really into facial oils. This is one is made with Rosehip oil and has omega 3&6

                                                        Scentered Love Therapy Balm

-100% Natural
I love aromatherapy and  this smells divine. You can carry in your purse and apply to pulse points when wanted. It is not greasy and glides on smooth and the scents lasts for awhile. I usually carry an aromatherapy roller bottle in my purse for times when anxiety creeps up and I will use this for that purpose.

                                                                 Love Organic Tea

This tea was very tasty and organic.

                                         Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream (Grapefruit)

-Baking Soda Free
Ingredients: arrowroot powder,magnesium hydroxide,coconut oil,shea butter,jojoba oil,(essential oils of sweet orange,grapefruit,lemon,and bergamot)
This is aluminum free which is a preference for my deodorant and I would only consider a deodorant natural if it did not include aluminum. The only drawback is the application is with your fingers so not as nice as using a deodorant stick.

                                      Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser
 I don't really love the scent that this has but  it is a really effective and useful night cream. It absorbs very quickly hydrates well. It has a unique combination of aloe and shea butter.

                                                                   Akin Rosehip Oil
 -100% Natural
I have really got into using oils in my routine. I used to be scared to add them because I thought they would cause breakouts but they do not and are very effective.


Nurishing Cleansing Oil
Advanced Serum
These are small one use packets but I will be trying them together to see how they work.

                                                           John Masters Organics Soap

Lavender,Rose Geranium, & Ylang Ylang
Organic Palm & Coconut oils
This is my second product I have tried from John Masters Organics and it smells delightful. It is very moisturizing and relaxing.

                                                      Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask

-Cruelty Free
I have heard a lot of recent information about the benefits of Copaiba so I am excited to try this!

                                                         Antipodes Skin Plumping Serum

As I age I could definitely use some assistance in the skin plumping area so this something I am looking forward to using. It is also a nice deluxe size sample too.

                                                    Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

I love Tata Harper and this product was a factor in purchasing the box. This is another deluxe size that comes in a glass spray bottle.

I was really happy with the contents and would probably grab a similar box at the same price point if available in the future.
What is your favorite natural brand?

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