Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cozcore Florecer by Mirang Unboxing and First look

I was able to purchase a Cozcore Florecer by Mirang for the trial price of $3.99 from 08L. If your not a member of 08L I highly suggest signing up (It's Free) I will also post more about them in an upcoming blog post.


The Cozcore Florecer by Mirang retails for $231
It is available to purchase on Amazon:

The Cozcore Florecer is a Multi-Functional skincare device. The four functions are:

Some of the claims of the device are as follows:
*Galvanic electrotherapy for better absorption of make up
*Sine and Rectangular electrotherapy for anti-aging and lifting
*Micro-vibration for massaging and improved circulation
*White/Green/Red/Blue LED Light Therapy
*Heating of 42 degrees Celsius for improved collagen production

Highlights of the Device:
*Compact size
*Safe and skin friendly
*Titanium coating of massage head part
*USB charge
*Can be used with one hand (includes grip)

Directions for usage:
There are four modes to the device and each one has a specific function which has slightly different instructions.

Heating Mode(Heating & White Color Therapy)
Wash face and remove make up. Turn on device and allow to fully heat up which takes 90 seconds.Apply toner and massage face with heating device for 5 minutes.

Brightening Mode(Galvanic/Micro-Vibration/Green Color Therapy) Apply brightening skincare products to face and massage skin in circles for 5 minutes.

Anti-Aging Mode(Heating/Galvanic/Micro Vibration/Red Color Therapy) Allow device to heat up for 90 seconds. Apply wrinkle cream/anti aging products and use the device to massage the skin for 5 minutes.

Lifting Mode(Galvanic/Micro-Vibration/Red&Blue Color Therapy) Apply lifting cosmetics to skin and massage face pulling up with device for 5 minutes.

My First Thoughts:
When I saw the Cozecore Florecer by Mirang available for trial fee of $3.99 I had to try this amazing device out. It originally retails for $231. I have previously tried the Touch Me device from the same company and I absolutely love using it so I knew this device would be just as functional and useful. The packaging is really beautiful and this device even comes with a travel pouch. I saved the box and store it in there because I don't want to risk dropping or damaging the device. It also comes with a plastic cover to put over the massage head which helps protect it as well.The Florecer fit very nicely in your hand and the design makes it so easy to use. It comes with a charging cable so you do not even need to replace batteries. It is recommended to first charge the device before use. A detailed instruction book allows arrives in the package that shows how to use all the functions. I don't have money or time for spa treatments even though I love skincare and this device is like having a spa at home. The Florecer is really very high quality and made extremely well. It is worth the price tag due to the many functions and the results from using the Florecer. It may seem like a large price tag for a skincare item but it you were to calculate the price of doing these treatments at a spa then you will see the value in the Florecer.The Forecer is so easy to use and is perfect for adding into my skincare routine. I can see the results from using the device and it is making my skincare products so much more effective. My favorite aspect is the micro-vibration which improves circulation. Improved circulation helps combat looks of aging and will give your face a bight healthy look. Blue light therapy which is included in the Florecer can improve circulation as well as assist in treating acne. Overall light therapy has a lot of promising research that is showing how effective it is as a skin treatment. The Florecer has three different light therapy options (red,blue,green) This device is so multi functional and is the perfect addition for anyone serious about skincare. I will update as I use the device more to talk about longer term results too. Check out my instagram too @momswithextracents for additional pictures!

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