Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet Review

I was able to try out the Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet for free through Skin 18 Blogger review program. (Will create a blog post to add more details about the program so keep a look out for that) This post may contain referral/affiliate links.

Holika Holika is a new brand to me. This is my first time trying them out and I am not to familiar with them but I always love finding new skincare brands! If you follow my instagram (@momswithextracents) you will see I love sheet masks. I use them at least weekly in my skincare routine. Holika Holika is available for purchase through Skin18. I was sent four different masks to try out. I tired the cucumber,rice,lemon, and shea butter. The Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet line also has additional types: green tea,damask rose,avocado,acai berry,pearl, and strawberry. The masks come individually wrapped and in an easy to use packet.

Wash and Tone Face
Apply mask to face and leave on for 20 minutes
Pat Remaining Essence onto Face

The masks fit really well and make it easy to apply over the face. I always appreciate when a sheet mask has a good fitting that helps maximize the effects. The amount of essence on the masks is very generous as well. The masks worked well with my skin and I did not have any bad reactions. I really liked the amount of essence that was absorbed into my skin. I felt like the masks were very effective and my skin felt and looked great after using. I enjoyed that each different mask had its own focus and special ingredients.

Hydrates with Cucumber Extract
I love cucumber skincare products because they are always so refreshing to use especially in the summer. This mask is very cooling and soothing to use. It also has a pleasant scent to it as well. The mask also has aloe as an ingredient which helps fight inflammation and works great together with the cucumber. This mask worked amazing and next time I do this mask I am going to put in the refrigerator for an additional cooling effect.

Vitalizes with Lemon Extract
The lemon sheet mask offers a powerhouse of ingredients such as lemon,chamomile,orange,apple,lavender,and centella asiatica. The high content of vitamin c helps restore skin elasticity. Vitamin C is an excellent ingredient for skin care products.

*Shea Butter
Nourishes with Shea Butter
This mask is perfect if you have dry skin. It is really moisturizing and shea butter is excellent for dry skin. Grapefruit oil is also included and helps soften and tone the skin as well.

Brightens with Rice Extract
This mask is excellent for brightening and toning the skin.  It also includes violet extract which is great for moisturizing. This was my first sheet mask that was rice focused so I was very interested in this one. It had an earthy scent that was actually really nice. My face looked brighter after using and I was happy with this.

I really enjoyed the Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheets.  It is an affordable line and it works really well.The masks are available for $1.98 each on Skin18 Store.Stay tuned for a post about Skin 18 blogger program soon. #skin18challenge

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