Thursday, September 6, 2018

Book Review: Lies T.M. Logan


Lies by T.M. Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cover immediately caught my eye. "What If Your Whole Life Was Based On Lies?" The question on the front really grabbed my attention and got me thinking. It is an interesting question and really engages the reader right away. Lies starts out right away into action and moves the plot along. The book had characters which are very relatable for the 30-45 year old adult range. The main character Joe is an average family guy who the book centers around. Joe is married with one child and is a teacher. The books other characters are Joe's wife Mel who I did not find very likable due to the fact that during the course of the book she is found out for having an affair with one of her best friends husband. The other two important characters are Ben and Beth. Ben is Beth's husband and is the one having the affair with Mel. Beth is Mel's friend and Ben's wife. As you can figure out the characters are in quite a messy situation. The story takes an interesting plot twist when Ben goes missing and Joe is being blamed. I really liked how the pace of the story moved along. I did find myself towards the ending thinking wow I have already figured out the ending. I was getting a little restless reading thinking I already figured out the ending. THEN!!!!!!! The story takes an interesting and surprising twist that I NEVER would have figured out. I loved how it ended since it was so surprising. This book would be a great read for almost anyone especially adults 30-45 age range due to how relatable the characters are. It is a wild ride and really keeps you going through the story. I received an advanced copy to read for free.

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