Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Book Review: Our House by Louise Candlish

                                                       Our House by Louise Candlish
                                                             My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Our House was a really suspenseful book that kept shocking me with turn of events.

Our House is about a married couple who are separating. The wife (Fi) catches her husband (Bram) cheating on her and decides the marriage is over. Fi and Bram are really well developed characters and you really get to know their personalities and really helps understand the actions each one of them does. Bram is a hard character to like but in the end I actually felt bad for him and realized that he was not really a bad guy just kind of a lost soul. Fi was sometimes unlikable to me but she was a softie with a good heart. It was just frustrating how naive she could be sometimes. I am very assertive so I kept thinking why are you not standing up for yourself more Fi. The couple chooses an arrangement where they share the main house so that the children are not uprooted. I have heard about arrangements like this but never knew anyone who has done this and the story does a great job at explaining the situation. The story jumps into the suspense right away when Fi arrives back to the main home after her weekend off to see that another couple has purchased the home and moved into it! The character Fi talked about her ordeal in a crime podcast throughout the story which helps piece together the events leading up to the weekend when she arrives home to the sold home. Also Bram reflects on his side and version of the events through a journal type letter he writes. The really neat part is for Fi's podcast parts it always has a couple of tweets from people reacting to the podcast. I really thought this was such a fun aspect to add to the story and it really made it seem real! The "tweeters" always had witty comments to add and as a twitter user myself I enjoyed it a lot.The plot has a lot of twists and you never really know what exactly to expect and the ending was a shocker to me. I am definitely interested in reader more books from Louise Candlish now and will be looking for some shortly to read. I really enjoy Louise writing style and I am always thankful when I can not predict what will happen in a book.

I won this book as part of a giveaway #RIFWinner