Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blogger Versus Wordpress

I have been using Blogger since I first started blogging a few years ago. I really enjoy blogging on the side and have grown fond of my little blog. It is not much and I would like to start blogging more this year. I have been thinking about what would encourage me to blog more and I am realizing that something that hinders me from blogging more is the lack of mobile access for blogger. I really use my ipad for everything now and it would be so much easier to be able to blog from there. It is really not user friendly for me to pull up blogger on the browser on my ipad. The fact that wordpress has a full app that you can use to easily post to your blog makes me really feel that this would be easier for me to achieve my blogger goals. It is hard because I like blogger and enjoy the layout they offer and like that I do not have to have ads on my free account. I just do not see blogger adding an app anytime soon especially since they discontinued the old one they had for ios(which was not very good anyways) I really feel that wordpress is ahead of the game in the app aspect. I also have noticed most blogs I follow use wordpress and based on feedback they seem to feel it works better and they get better traffic.

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