Be a Secret Shopper

I have personally shopped with these companies. They do pay and some pay with paypal. I would suggest creating an email just for shopping as I found that easier to keep track and this way your regular inbox won't get filled since you will receive a lot of email for shop offers. These are verified companies and not scams.  Payment is usually a shop fee plus a reimbursement amount for purchases. Sometime you just get a purchase reimbursement. All shops will have payment information up front. Always sign up with reputable companies and beware of scams. Feel free to ask questions or post any other companies you know of.
Names with (* )pay with PayPal.

Market Force Mystery Shopping

Certified Field Associates


*Service Check

*See Level Exchange

Second to none

TNS Shopping

Ritter Associates

Ath Power

Ace Mystery Shopping

Strategic Reflections

Maritz Mystery Shopping

The Source Agents

Mystery Shopping Phone Apps:
Complete mystery shops with your phone



Presto instant shops